Full Moon in Scorpio May 2017

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Mother Earth Father Sun

Full Moon in Scorpio May 2017

Sun in Taurus; Full Moon in Scorpio at 20 degrees.

Full moons are always to an extent about the inner world and the subconscious mind. We can’t help but look inside as the silvery moon lures us inward. It is within that we encounter a world where everything is in shades of grey. While Scorpio is more of a pragmatic sign of beginnings and endings, hard facts and black and white, the Scorpio full moon may cause a level of anxiety or frustration, as absolutes fall prey to qualified facts and subjective opinion. More so now as the currently retrograde Pluto (one of the rulers of Scorpio) in Capricorn is aspecting both the Sun (trine) and moon (sextile) during the full moon.

What is one to do? Note that we need not be victim to the energies of the celestial bodies, for they create tendencies and dispositions only. Knowing and…

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