Mars Irritates Uranus…Oops! – May 6

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Snapshot: On Saturday night we will have some revelation around our motivations for personal freedom and our local community/communications.

Over the last few days, I missed writing about 3 aspects that played strongly in my own chart. Here they are:

At 8:09pm on Thursday Mercury at 24:20 Aries Semi-Squared Mars at 9:20 Gemini.

Some final word (Mercury is now Direct) on our personal motivations and our motivations to travel out and about the local community, visit with neighbors, siblings, etc.

At 2:27am on Friday Mars at 9:31 Gemini Quintiled Chiron at 27:31 Pisces.

Here we had some magical ease between our subconscious and our motivations to be active in our community. Men may have been prominent in this aspect for you.

At 3:59am on Friday the Sun at 15:01 Taurus Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 15:01 Libra.

We our clarity around our own resources, beauty and values were adjusted to align…

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