May 4, 2017 (Julian 124) Mercury Mercury SemiSquare Mars

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May 4, 2017 (Julian 124) Mercury Mercury SemiSquare Mars

This is the post where I am supposed to tell you “everything is OK now.”  Except, it isn’t.

Mercury, barely direct and not moving quickly, semi-squares Mars today.  Mercury / Mars aspects tend to instigate fights.  So do semi-squares.  Together, they are bad news.

And as has been popular on late night television, “But, wait!  There’s more.”  Moon will quincunx Chiron then Venus (quincunx produces misunderstandings, at best) and Moon semi-squares Jupiter between them?  Remember what we just said about semi-squares? u  Well, keep in mind that, among other things, Jupiter is the “amplifier” of the planet: its job is to make things “bigger.”  I bet you can connect the dots as to what that means on a day like this.

And, no, we are NOT finished yet.  Moon will sesquiquadrate Pluto and Mercury today.  The sesquiquadrate is a square and…

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