Mercury turns Direct, how to free your mind

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MERCURY RETROGRADE turns DIRECT May 3rd at 9:33 am PDT/ 12:33 pm EDT/4:33 pm but it is extremely strong when Stationary, as it is now, so be extra mindful and will continue to be virtually stationary for the next week or so.
Yes there is some mental relief, the equivalent of cosmic Aspirin as Mercury changes direction.
MERCURY  Direct at 24+ degrees of ARIES + URANUS + ERIS
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This can be extremely mind blowing. Expect things to be chaotic for awhile. Stay flexible, make sure you have plan B and C ready. 
Mercury, the trickster and God of thieves and merchants, the messenger of the gods is conjunct to weird, quirky planet URANUS, the planet of freedom, chaos and revolution and also cheek to jowl with Goddess ERIS, she who rules DISCORDIA or disturbia.
This is a total roll of the dice. Things can be very very chaotic over the next few…

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