Beltane celebration of Fertility,fire and fairies

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Beltane celebration rituals begin tonight April 30. It’s Walpurgis night, the night before May 1st, Beltane.

Beltane Wicca Pagan, May 1st Tara Greene Beltane Wicca Pagan, May 1st Tara Greene

Light the fires of passion, as this festival celebrates love, conception, fertility, and the power of the masculine phallic force of the horned God to initiate new life in the Goddess.
The ancient God Pan is ready to mate with the Goddess and impregnate her. This is a very ancient night of celebrating the “Heiros Gamos” or SACRED MARRIAGE between the Goddess and the God, meeting in the fields, or in the woods to honor fertility and new life.
Setting new intentions on this night is very powerful.
The MAYPOLE is the phallic symbol and the participants weave their ribbons around as they dance the spiral dance of time and our interwoven connectivity with all our relations on MAY day.
This is…

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