7 Offering / MULUC – Transformation of Possibility: Day 7

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Jaguar Spirit


7 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

At Peak Tone 7 we find our Balancing Place at the top of the pyramid. We’ve completed a Spiritual Climb, the cycle of Spiritual Growth for this trecena. Our role in the effort of Transformation was to learn a Way of Spiritual movement that would connect us with our Highest Dreams. We are now in position to receive the Justice of Divine Reciprocity.

Before the Sum of Our Effort is returned by a Divine Blessing, Tone 7 illuminates our Gifts of Reflection. Human is the only Creation capable of traveling forward and backward in Time to re-experience our own Responses and Feelings. Tone 7 challenges us to look back on the experiences of this trecena – and the new understandings that could become “second nature” if we fully-realized their Truth. This is a day to reflect on our own Light.

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