New Moon in Taurus ~ Happy energies!

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Confidence, honesty and joyful blessings on this New Moon

At each New Moon a new beginning enters our Lunar cycle. Physically the Moon is in the middle of the Sun and the Earth; The 3 are positioned as a line drawing. This line represents the road in front of you, which you do not see it yet, that is why you cannot see the Moon at the phase; The moon is receiving the light from the Sun at it`s hidden half from our Earth´S point of view.
That is why your wishes, positiveness and trust make a big impact on what is to come. depending on the influence of the Sign, whatever aspects are enlightened, you can surely make a great walk ahead if your will and projects have the fuel of your confidence.
Today we celebrate Taurus New Moon. This is a very good phase considering the latest celestial…

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