New Moon in Taurus

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Tales of Lunacy

contentmentAt this New Moon in the Earthy sign of Taurus, our focus will be on the things that are tangible and material.  Taurus likes comfort and ease, acquisition, accumulation and consumption.  The Bull isn’t a mover and shaker, instead it builds step by step with patience, perseverance, persistence and grit; moving along slowly, methodically and deliberately.

This New Moon makes no major aspects so there’s a purer expression of the Taurus energies.  However, there are still several aspects going on in the background.

We still have Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde so don’t expect anything to move along quickly.  We’re covering old ground on many fronts and there is the need to revise, restructure, re-plan and re-do.

Venus, the ruler of this Taurus New Moon is in direct motion now as of April 15th but she’s in the last degree of Pisces and will be re-tracing her steps…

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