New Moon in Taurus! 26/04/2017

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Journey by the sea

Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

Today’s New Moon is at 6° Taurus

Happy New Moon day!

I love a New Moon, the energy itself is fantastic! What an exciting time to plant seeds of intention, to dream of ideas to grow, to creatively use the energy of the sign its in to help manifest and work on yourself and what you want to achieve. Nothing feels as good as writing a bucket or to do list and ticking it of once achieved!

Today the New Moon is at 6° in the sign of Taurus. Today we see both the Sun and the Moon in Taurus. Wow a lot of the earthy, practical energy is being pulled in this New Moon. You will feel very grounded and seek security, you will find you can be reluctant to make changes, you will be interested increasing the luxuries in your life, you will have…

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