New Moon 26.4.17

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In addition to the re-institution of the Sappho-Sedna Yin Gate (Learning to Transmute Fear into Self-Love) that we’ve discussed in the last two posts, the most prominent elements of the 26 April (5am PDT) New Moon chart itself (in 7 Degrees) are…

(1) Self-Sovereignty
(2) Trust
(3) Boundaries

(1) Self-Sovereignty because the New Moon is one foot of the base of a Finger of God (green arrowhead) pointing to Lilith (the popsicle moon at top right); Lilith is also the focus of a T-Square (red triangle) and Diamond Star, and one corner of a Grand Trine (blue triangle) – which is a huge emphasis on Lilith.

(2) Trust because the New Moon Squares Eurydike, which is the focus of a second Finger of God, and by “coincidence” also a corner of the Grand Trine.

(3) Boundaries because Pallas-Moira is the focus of a T-Square and “just happens to be” the…

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