Dark Moon, 26 April 2017 – Unearthing more and more truth!

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Dark Moon, 26 April2017

Unearthing more and more truth!
By Katharina Bless

The retrograde Mercury is in conjunction with Uranus, still in Pisces, and the sun and moon have moved into Aries. This will bring some very powerful “explosions” but still with an undercurrent of confusion and misunderstandings.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces gives us the opportunity to have glimpses into things that are usually deep hidden from our conscious mind. Uranus is like a lightening strike that illuminates hidden caves for a moment and leaves us with a clear insight for a moment, and then the mind kicks is and starts to interpret it. It is very difficult to understand, and in this moment we have to trust our feelings. Or maybe not.

It’s maybe the time to be different and to face things that are not connected to our normal life and behavior. This constellation…

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