April 26th 2017 New Moon Taurus Energy

April 26, 2017 at 11:27 pm | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on April 26th 2017 New Moon Taurus Energy

Michele Elizabeth


Good morning I hope you are all well, we have had a shift in energy once more and this feels more grounded and stable than the energy of the last few weeks. You should feel a little more safe and secure as some of the energy recently has felt a little bit like someone threw your board of life up into the air.

Although things have changed significantly for everyone this year it is time for a bit of a break, something more familiar and comforting. Although don’t be fooled that nothing is happening, it is, just at a foundation level, You are more sure of the direction you need to take and the options for you to move forward. Moving forward however can be scary and we have been pushed cajoled and sometimes frightened into taking a look at our issues or making that leap. Sometimes we need a…

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