April New Moon

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Kisses Kloset


I’m back with some spirituality to improve your life! I know a lot of my readers have NO interest in crystals, energies, new moons, astrology etc. But I have benefitted from setting intentions and meditation that i will continue to stress it until i turn blue!  It never hurts to try right 🙂

Moving right along…. April’s New Moon (also the first Supermoon of 2017) is April 26th!!!

“ohhh Whats so important about a new moon?!”

The moon is so powerful, it is responsible for moving oceans, the ocean tides and for the growth of plants, and we as humans are also affected by this powerful energy. A new moon symbolises new beginningS, We can use the moon’s energy to achieve our goals or to start a new project.

This month’s new moon is in Taurus:

Taurus is the first of the Earth signs and it is associated with…

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