Mercury ReTraces his Steps-Apr 23/4

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This weekend Mercury has reconnected to Personal Planets and Outer Planets as our thoughts, ideas and plans get revised.

At 5:38pm on Saturday Mercury Rx at 28:29 Aries Semi-Squared Neptune at 13:29 Pisces.

Here there was likely a bit of irritation as Mercury tried to realign to our collective reality. Our personal motivations were the subject of this aspect.

At 4:22am on Sunday morning Mars at 1:19 Gemini Ses-Squared Jupiter Rx at 16:19 Libra.

Our motivations to communicate with our siblings, cousins, neighbors or classmates needed to adjust to our new philosophy of relating.

At 10:02am Mars at 1:29 Gemini Squared the North Node at 1:29 Virgo.

Our motivations encountered the Nodes of Fate as we decided how to manage our subconscious fears and manifest the best of our new work/health/fitness ethic.

At 4:14am on Monday morning Mercury Rx at 27:32 Aries Trines Saturn Rx at 27:32 Sagittarius.

Here we…

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