Astrology for April 23-29, 2017

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April showers have arrived! The air is getting a good washing and I am so happy. I hope this makes the grass seed in the trunk of my car grow fast. Hahaha! Yes! I neglected to get it to its designated spots before the rains came. Maybe I will do that later when it slacks off some.

The week ahead holds a New Moon in Taurus at 8:16 am on Wednesday. If you have anything really important to begin this week, the time period between 7:46 am and 8:46 am is the best time to begin.

The Sun is 3 degrees into its transit of Taurus today. This sign is very organized and grounded. This is not surprising since Taurus is an Earth sign. Not all Taurus people possess this characteristic, however. There could be influences in one’s natal chart that might cause any organizational characteristics to take on a…

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