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Abuse and Trauma can take a lot of different forms.  Watch closely on 21-22 April for any signs or Memories of Abuse, as we will have a prime Opportunity to Let Go of Abuse.  Before we suggest how to take advantage of this Opportunity, let’s suggest what to look for.

As we say, Abuse can take many forms.  Uninvited Sexual Attention, Violence, and Bullying are the most obvious, but lack of Respect, lack of Recognition, and Power-Over in general are all Abusive.  Teasing is Abusive.  “Mild” abuse, to the extent that there is such a thing, when Chronic or Repeated, can be just as Damaging as major Trauma.  Notice that Chronic and Repeated lack of Respect, lack of Recognition, and Power-Over are central to the Patriarchy.

Without “Blaming the Victim,” when we as Receivers of Abuse, refuse to Accept it any longer, the Abuse Paradigm will collapse.  We may not be…

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  1. Well that explains the dreams I had last night 😦

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    • I think something really BIG might be about to happen. Just that kind of hunch or intuition that comes along, coupled with this piece: https://lostdudeistastrology.wordpress.com/2017/04/22/venus-as-inanna-at-the-first-gate/ and I took a look at Google News and nothing stood out EXCEPT the election in France tomorrow.

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      • My dreams were of people who’ve given me trouble in the past, not world events. However, even after waking today I cannot shake a feeling of what is honestly bordering on paranoia and not over anything in particular. Just a strong sense of impending doom. I wonder now if that isn’t a feeling of something big coming down the pike on a bigger scale than my little world.

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      • Similar feelings here, also. And as soon as I started composing that reply to you, my computer locked up. That does happen from time to time (too many windows / pages open), but the timing was striking. Did I send you the piece on Moon / Venus / Inanna? It has to do with the Venus cycle (i.e. the pentagram in the sky) and the Moon / Venus conjunction (ordinarily just a monthly event, but different tomorrow because of Venus’ position shortly past the direct station)?

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      • I did read it. A gate opening up sounds oddly correct. Even if it’s a gate of hell.

        Re your computer locking up, I’ve had little synchs here and there today that don’t sound like much but the timing as you say seemed to be attention grabbing.

        Well we’ll know soon enough if it was premonitions or something else.

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      • I think if it shows itself, it will show itself quickly. Bernadette Brady (http://www.bernadettebrady.com) wrote somewhere (I think related to her Jigsaw software) that France was particularly “important” to NATO. (She never clarified precisely what that meant.) I think the election in France is some kind of turning point. Big, the kind of “big” that people can only see in hindsight.

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      • Agree. I’m working on a big piece for the big Leo eclipse in August. Hits hard on the EU chart as well as some of the countries within. France may well be the catalyst that sparks a revolution.

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      • Not sure I read it (maybe the piece I referred to), but some have tied the “First Gate” of tomorrow (Moon / Venus conjunction just after Venus direct) to the August Eclipse in terms of politics. I will be interested to see what you write. Maybe we can write pieces that reference each other (we usually are like-minded, so I think that would work). See, also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_presidential_election,_2017

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      • Separate pieces that use quotes from each other? I’m down for that. I’ve sent you an email about something else but we can discuss it there.

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      • Yes, probably time for that.

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