Clarity of Karma – Apr 17

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Snapshot: On Monday we will have some clarity around what the 2 Karmic Planets are doing in our lives right now. And late evening there is an adjustment to be made between our motivations and our spiritual structures.

At 8:43am on Monday the Sun at 27:42 Aries Trines Saturn Rx at 27:42 Sagittarius.

Clarity around our personal goals and our spiritual structures will come easy today. While we may have some on-going pain around our spiritual philosophies, our accountability to the big picture is keeping things pretty easy today. Can you ‘see’ how Saturn has been challenging you? Because Saturn is in a tightening orb to Square Chiron and any clarity we can get today will serve us in moving through the Square over the next 2+ weeks.

At 10:14pm Mars at 27:41 Taurus Quincunx Saturn Rx at 27:34 Sagittarius.

Within minutes of the Trine from the Sun, we will…

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