8 Earth / CABAN – Quest of Love: Day 8

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Jaguar Spirit


8 Earth / CABAN

Greetings Kin,

On the Holy Day of the trecena of Unconditional Love, Earth/CABAN is exalted by Tone 8’s Intention of Divine Justice. The Day Sign that led the last trecena always returns on the Holy Day of the following trecena. Our Ascension from Earth/CABAN made a new Transformation possible from Higher Ground. Tone 8 always draws on the Wisdom we learned before.

Human is  different than any other creation, given our own dominion and authority. While other Living Creatures are bound by Instinct, Human was the only Creation that can Choose a Spiritual Transformation.

Our Transformation of Love is even Greater than our Will to be happy or joyful. Through an Intention of Love, Human is capable to be Transformed so that Love becomes a Natural Way of Being. By Choice, we can be Gifted with a Divine Instinct of Love.


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