5 Jaguar / IX – Quest of Love: Day 5

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Jaguar Spirit


5 Jaguar / IX

Greetings Kin,

Human is a dynamic creation still in progress, being completed through a Transformation of Consciousness. Our transformation happens over a lifetime, and from one generation to the next. We can see it happen in a newborn, and we can see transformation over the generations… each one sharing their wisdom with the next. Our challenge lies in seeing it in the moment. Only when we reach our Potential Consciousness will we realize how special we are.

Tone 5 is the day of empowerment. Jaguar/IX demonstrates the Power that will fuel a new wave of Spiritual Growth. Jaguar/IX is known as a nahual of Earth Magic. The Jaguar’s magic is born of a deep love and appreciation for Mother Earth. IX is the Divine Feminine, and seen as the God/Goddess of Gratefulness. Jaguar can help us discover the Magic Humans hold to…

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