Higher-Minded Motivations-Apr 12&13

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Snapshot: Very early Wednesday morning (EST) we have some magical motivations to relate. About 24 hours later, our motivations are inspired and revelatory.

At 4:30am on Wednesday Mars at 23:41 Taurus Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 17:41 Libra.

Venus rules both of these Planets at the moment so their magic is very refined and beautiful. We may be offering our resources to someone we are friends with and it will feel like just the right thing to do. Or foreigners, seniors or mentors may seek us out for our ability to act in a way that is beneficial for all involved.

At 6:00pm the Sun at 23:11 Aries Conjuncts Eris at 23:11 Aries.

Here we will have some clarity around the friction that has been causing our relating-ships to be less than harmonious at times. Mars Semi-Sextiled Eris around 10:30am on Tuesday so now you have some ability to see how…

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