4 Reed / BEN – Quest of Love: Day 4

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Jaguar Spirit


4 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 4 presents our stabilizing force for the trecena. As the cube presents us with 4 dimension of height, length, depth, and breadth and Mother Earth offers the 4 directions, Tone 4 establishes the form, parameters, and orientation that will support our new Intention. Tone 3 initiated movement, and now Tone 4 gives us a sense of direction.

The Reed is the hollow tube through which our Spirits are connected to the Divine. The glyph’s horizontal line illustrates an altar. Below are the prayer rugs where we kneel in the presence of God, and above are the open channels of Spirit.

Those born as Reed/BEN are said to be the defenders of family and home. They hold the Higher Intention of bringing order, peace, and harmony to all their relations. Reed/BEN is a Day Sign of High Expectations that encourages…

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