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Journey to the Center of the Mind

Planets in Motion 2

There always seem to be a lot of fear and apprehension surrounding retrograde planets, especially Mercury. This week, Mercury will turn retrograde bringing the number of retrograde planets we have right now to a total of four.

Now before everyone considers going running, screaming into the night because of the perceived “bad luck” they’re about to have, let me tell you what you should really consider.

First, that a planet actually moves backwards in its orbit around the Sun is an illusion caused by the Earth overtaking another planet during the solar orbit of both planets.

Second, because every action creates a reaction, the energy of that apparent retrograde motion does create an energetic affect on planet Earth and all who live on it.

In a natal astrology chart, retrogrades, according to many astrologers, point to past life lessons we came here to work through in this lifetime. To…

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