April 10, 2017 (Julian 100)

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Irregular Oracle

Let me make this clear from the beginning: I am taking a vacation day from the forecasting biz today.  Once I wake up on Monday April 10th, I might change my mind.  But, for now, April 10th is a “day off.”

Since about about a zillion forecasts have been written about the upcoming Full Moon (Libra Moon conjunct Spica at 21 opposite Aries Sun at 21) and the Mercury Retrograde Station of April 9th, do I really need to attempt to add anything?  No.  (I might change my mind, but for now the answer is “no.”)

Everybody needs to replenish the well from time to time, and I have spent over seven hours on my various blogs today (Sunday, April 9th).  Frankly, I am blogged out.

If you check the posts pages at Grandtrines or Lost Dudeist, you can find a ton of forecasts.

Some of you may wonder…

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