Libra Full Moon – April 11 2017 – Trying To Find Atonement

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Celestial Priestess's Fourth Density Journal

#Monday April 10 2017🌕Tomorrow a #FullMoon in Libra illuminates the sky. Judgement and atonement is the theme. So many things have been happening around the world with all these #Retrogrades. Figures all the planets were direct in January remember? And that can only mean one thing…that once they go retrograde, they will all go retrograde at the SAME time.So there has been mass confusion everywhere. But, those who have the third eye open can use this energy to move with power foward. If everyone is alseep and confused during a retrograde and you are not…you have a huge advantage.

🌕Libra Moon here means making a final conclusion or decision about something in general. But one has to look in the chart to see specifically how it effects us.

For example, if you have Libra moon spawning in the 12th house, you might have a cavity that was hidding…

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