Full Moon Configuration I

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Okay, after a long bout of techno-obsolescence we’ve achieved visuals again, so we can go back to involving the “right brain” too.  This is how we do what we do.  Let’s temporarily take the 10 April Full Moon chart apart, starting with the 20-26 Degree region that the Full Moon itself occupies…

Focusing for the moment on just the heavier lines, we can see three intertwining Configurations…

  • The Grand Cross or the red box with the red “X” in the middle
  • The Trine Bridge or the blue lines connecting two corners of the red box
  • A Finger of God, which is the green arrowhead, pointing to the same place in the upper right as the blue lines do

The Full Moon is the diagonal red line from upper left to lower right.  The Moon at upper left Conjoins Haumea (Rebirth), and the Sun at lower right Conjoins Uranus and Eris (Honesty…

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  1. Ahhhhhhh, visuals.


    • If I can ever get SolarFire to run “sufficiently well” under Linux, I will start adding more charts back into the mix. But, I get your point! 🙂

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    • I hear you. But I have to get Solar Fire to work under Linux since I have moved over to that for my blogging and most of my online operations. Still in the works.

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  2. Sounds like the perfect “the solar system is retrograde” project.


    • Make certain to let JBuss know that! He (she?) is one of the few astrologers I read that goes into a deeper technical analysis than my own. After I read his posts, I just want to take a nap!

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      • I love them. (Fab gender neutral pronoun,I use it myself)


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