The Retrogrades

April 8, 2017 at 11:50 pm | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on The Retrogrades

Weise Owl

Forget the naysayers, retrogrades are a necessary part of the astro cycle. Yes, they do offer a reminder to slow down and are best weathered with a slant toward inward focused energy but if you know that going in, you can skim the creamy best lessons of any planet, any retrograde.

Mercury, ruler of Gemini and for now Virgo, is the fleet footed lord of writing, process, communication, coordination, transportation…and some other stuff. Our retrograde begins on April 9th at 4° Taurus and goes back toward 24° Aries. If Mercury shadow periods are critical for you (March 27 thru May 19th), let’s talk, otherwise don’t trip. May 3 is peak retrograde as Mercury stations so prepare accordingly.

Traveling through Taurus, Mercury will have our minds on our $ and possessions, great smells and tastes as well as our sensuality. And yes, for some they’ll get stubborn af and clam up…

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