Happy Friday! 7/6/17

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Journey by the sea

Friday April 7th, 2017

The Moon enters Virgo.

 The Sun in Aries opposes retrograde Jupiter in Libra.

When you wake up this morning, the Moon will have entered practical Virgo. When the  Moon is in Virgo we may find our self become work related,detail-oriented, dedicated, and helpful. However, as stable as a Virgo Moon strives to be, the Sun in Aires opposes Jupiter retrograde today, we have a strong tendency to go over the top!

The Sun in Aries opposes retrograde Jupiter in Libra. Nothing like an internal battle between our ego and our conscious self with the big planet that is about expansion!This cycle between the Sun and Jupiter began in late September 2016. In looking back over that time, can you think and consider what you started that was of an expansive nature. What big ideas or plan did you begin in September? Now with the Sun and…

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