12 Star / LAMAT – Discovering Our Dynamic World: Day 12

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Jaguar Spirit

12 Star / LAMAT


Greetings Kin,

Tone 12 is the Day of Understanding in each trecena. A Cycle of Transformation is completing itself, as an Experience of Spirit leads an Understanding from the Head to the Heart. I always think of Tone 12 as the Day New Truth sinks in. Through a final Realization, we are Transformed to see something in a new way that effects a lasting change.

Rabbit is the totem animal of Star/LAMAT bringing high energy and the boundless potential to multiply abundance. First and foremost, we’re reminded that Star/LAMAT multiplies whatever we focus on. This is the Herald of a Blessing and the Sounding of Alarm at the same time. Today we are called to put into practice, Deer’s Spiritual Tool of Standing in our Truth.

PORTAL DAY:Element of Ether
A Portal Day is opened on this Tone 12 of Understanding…

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