Fire trines, Saturn Retrograde,the buck stops here.

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Fire Trines Astrology Tara Greene

Moon is in FIERY self-expressive passionate Leo today and moves into VIRGO at 9:20 pm PDT/ April 7 @ 12:20 am EDT

We are under the earth trine of MARS to PLUTO at night in EDT and GMT and you may be feeling more embodied and grounded than usual.

SATURN turns RETROGRADE in SAGITTARIUS -August 25@ 1:06 am EDT/ 5:06 am GMT 

Planets, as they station retrograde or direct are at their strongest. Sagittarius rules religion, foreigners, airplanes, terrorists, courts, judges, higher education, laws, comedy, taxes, death, and seniors. We may feel this energy screeching to a halt also in our dreams. Airplane strikes or slowdowns and travel restrictions and airplane accidents may be higher with Saturn Retrograde. Saturn very literally rules the father, so any issues with your father’s well-being may come up strongly.  If you are a father, you may want to look at how your fathering style is…

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  1. Fantastic reading. I really connected with that one. Could feel the vibes in my energy centres amp up on that one. Expressing that fire in healthy ways. That’s a biggie. Got that spring rev charging up recently. But I moved through one if the most intensely Staurnian parts of my life, so I’m more at ease with authority and for that matter tempering my wisdom in order to express authority.

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    • I think the same is true for me. Time to re-examine the Saturnine parts of my life, especially as it applies to “higher thought” (Sagittarius)

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      • I have a much healthier relationship with Saturnian aspects through developing better self discipline it has given me healthier control over my life.

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      • Saturn is a sculptor that chips away at the marble my life inevitably becomes, exposing how my potential can be manifest.

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      • I love the way you put that. Very prosaic.

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      • Thank you!


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