Moon Transiting in Leo

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For the next two and a half days, while the Moon is waxing and transiting in the sign of Leo, there may be an emotional need to lead with passion, have a creative outlet, desire for warmth and love and to be loved.
Moon transiting in Leo is asking you what brings you happiness and are you radiating it to the outside world unconditionally?

During the next two and a half days, it is highly recommended to come to your senses and to figure out what part of yourself needs illumination with unconditional love.

What projects do you want to start that truly brings you happiness? Embrace it! What hobbies do you want to explore but haven’t because you are too busy? Make time for it. By honoring what you love, it will honor you and bring great warmth, happiness, and wealth to your life.

While the Moon is waxing, it is…

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