Ease, Retrograde & Alternatives-Apr 6

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Snapshot: All of Wednesday will bring some ease between our motivations to acquire resources and those who are the benefactors of our bottom line.

At 12:01am on Thursday Mars at 19:21 Taurus Trines Pluto at 19:21 Capricorn.

This energy makes everything so easy that it is these times where we may take things for granted. Ease with our Pluto entities has been short-lived for quite a few years now so make use of it. Take action in the midst of the cooperative energy between what we want and what others want from us. Those in authority will appreciate your actions and desires.

At 1:07am Saturn at 27:48 Sagittarius Stations Retrograde.

We will now be reviewing and revising any boundaries or structures we have implemented in legal matters or with spiritual philosophies or around caring for seniors, etc. Saturn will retrace his steps from Dec 30, 2016. This is just 2…

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