In the Stars for April -Mercury Retrograde

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In the Stars for April
The Sun is now transiting through the charging fiery energy of Aries moves as we begin a new cycle through the zodiac this spring season. Aries the first sign of the zodiac is the emergence of the sprouting seed. It is the point of all beginnings. Aries is the outrushing force almost like a primal self-expression. For the Aries Sun sign this energy can give an Aries the forward momentum needed in this life expression. Aries Sun signs like to be first, inventive, rushing pioneering spirit, courageous, blunt and direct in manner. Aries people do not like restrictions and will assert their will power perhaps were they need to see their inspirations come alive.  Aries Sun signs like to be active and in control through an inspired style of leadership and they can offer us self-motivation and assertiveness. They can be quite energetic, outspoken and…

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