Shifts & Magical Faith – Apr 1&2

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Snapshot: Friday afternoon our thoughts shifted to more earthy, beautiful things. Early Saturday we had some irritation between our motivations and desires followed by some productive healing words.  Sunday morning brings subconscious clarity and Sunday evening brings some very magical relating and negotiations.

About 1:45pm on Friday Mercury ingressed Taurus.

He is already in Phase 1, the Shadow Phase of his impending Retrograde cycle. But our thoughts and words have changed a bit to be slower, more practical, more loving and about things and objects we desire.

At 2:18am on Saturday Venus Rx at 0:53 Aries Semi-Squares Mars at 15:52 Aries.

These 2 Planets are in ‘Mutual Reception’ as they each Transit the Sign the other rules. So its a mild irritation between men and women or our own internal male/female energies.

At 7:52am Mercury at 0:46 Taurus Semi-Sextiled Venus at 0:46 Aries.

This offset much of the irritation from…

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