Retrograde survival guide

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This time we have experiencing multiple retrograde planets above us.

Retrograde period for these 4 planets are

Jupiter: February 6 – June 9

Mercury: April 9 – May 3

Venus: March 4 – April 15

Saturn: April 5 – August 25

It is important to know what what House of your local chart those planets are transiting through. You can go to this website and build your transit chart on the location you are currently in. Take your birth time and date and recalculate for the time difference (including Day Saving Time if this is the case) with your current location. Let’s say you were born in August in LA and living in NY now – add 3 hours to your actual birth time and choose NY as your place. Yes in some cases it would mean even another date. If I was born at 2 a.m. in the UK…

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