Today’s Astro-Insights – 30 Mar 2017

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Jup square Pluto v2

Today the principals of justice, fairness and equality are set to clash with the traditions and modus operandi of the establishment and ruling elite. Power games and legal battles are likely as these two planetary giants go into battle with each other at 18h18 BST.

In the US, this transit could well coincide with the start of another legislative battle in Congress. Alternatively, it may signal the beginning of impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

One thing is for sure: those in charge will either have to prove that their actions and decisions are fair, legal and morally above question; be willing to compromise on certain policies, or else face moral condemnation from the community.

On a personal level, this transit is likely to engender a deep-seated need for structural shifts  – ones that create more equal relationships/partnerships. Wholesale institutional and legal reform is another distinct possibility (hello, Brexit!). Here creating fairer policies…

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