Check Your Motivations & the New Moon in Aries-Mar 27

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Snapshot: Monday morning brings subconscious motivations. Early afternoon we have to adjust our motivations with our spiritual accountability for ease to follow. By evening there could be some productive, Soulful words expressed.

At 11:44am Mars at 12:40 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 12:40 Pisces.

Here we know just what the right thing to do. It feels like we just knew it was right, too. While we might want to move mountains, just a small budge may be enough. But the results will be effective.

At 1:57pm Mars at 12:44 Taurus Ses-Squares Saturn at 27:44 Sagittarius.

Essentially, Mars is in a productive aspect all day to BOTH Karmic Planets. So our motivations are connecting to our Karma productively with easier results once we make the necessary adjustment. Mars in Taurus wants to acquire resources. Saturn in Sagittarius can seem to be limiting our abundance, but the truth is Saturn is merely channeling…

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