Aries New Moon Musings

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Aries new moonARIES New Moon is always significant because it’s the first after Spring Equinox giving strength to the growing energy of this season. Today’s Moon has a triple conjunction of Sun, Moon, AND Venus, the planet of love, so it seems love and harmonious relating are growing.

But look a little closer: Venus is retrograde in a sign that’s doesn’t suit it (detriment), and in a square to Saturn, although out of sign, also retrograde. Technically, Sun and Moon are a little far to be pulled into this square, but it kind of feels like they are pulled in.

Traditionally, Aries is the season to start whatever the first New Moon promises, and this seems to promise love. At first look, it seems like this Venus/Moon enhances that, but then – the love energy is not free flowing and harmonious.

Venus doesn’t know how to let love just flow right now…

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