Planetary retrograde April 2017

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Keiko Shanti


To those who are thinking that things are not going as quickly and smoothly as they want these days.

Planets turn retrograde. They do not truly turn and move in the opposite direction – they keep on circling the Sun, but as the Earth is also circling around the sun, and as the speed is different from planet to planet, seen from the earth some planets look as though they are going backwards.

If anyone is interesting in knowing more from an astronomy viewpoint, please look here

Venus turns retrograde once every two years for 41 days, and it is currently retrograde in Pisces from March 4 to April 15 (all planetary positions use the Sidereal Zodiac but the dates for the retrogradation are the same whichever zodiac we use)

Jupiter is also retrograde from February 6 to June 9 in Virgo.

Mercury turns retrograde from April 10 to…

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