Wedding celebration,dreamy romantic day

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

It’s all about love.  Did you feel that Sun-Venus conjunction last night?

Its a good day to do ritual and ceremony bringing in Venus’s elements which is copper and the SUN’s element which is gold.

Where both of them. Use copper pennies or cook wear or whatever you have. Sit in ceremony and plight your undying love to the SUN, source of all life, as you are the Bride and his lover as well.  This sacred Marriage “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW” in ARIES symbolizes a new beginning in relationships and a balance of the masculine and feminine. VENUS is getting marshal arts lessons in ARIES, she is going to defend herself and feminine values no matter what.

I had some amazing erotic lucid dreams last night, how bout you.

It’s all about love.  We are heading towards the ARIES New Moon on the 27th which officially aligns us with SPRING. New…

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