Mercury Enters the Grand Cardinal Cross-Mar 23

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Snapshot: Early Thursday morning we have some Soulful motivations that get expressed and we can set new goals. But by evening, our plans may get challenged by an intimate partner, benefactor or authority type.

At 4:03am Mercury at 18:05 Aries Ses-Squares the North Node at 3:05 Virgo.

Here are words express an adjustment that we make to create an ease. The adjustment is between our personal motivations and our service to others. The North Node in Virgo has been bringing us Soul-Level lessons on how to work, to serve and to be. Are we happy? Are we healthy? Do we enjoy our daily activities? Do we like our work? For the last 16 months, as the Eclipses occurred across the Pisces/Virgo axis, we have been reviewing this axis from a Soulful viewpoint. For the 1st year of this Transit, most of us were leaving jobs right and left. And finding…

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