Spring Equinox – Ostara

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March 20, 2017 marks the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere.    A change of seasons.  It’s also the Pagan holiday of Ostara – a celebration of the change from dark to light. This holiday corresponds to the Christian holiday of Easter.

Symbols for Ostara are similar to the symbols used for Easter. Eggs, which symbolize fertility and birth.  Flowers and seeds, also representations of new life and a fresh shift in energy.  A “witchy’ way to decorate for Ostara is to get crystals shaped in the form of eggs. You can find these shaped crystals and stones at most rock shops and witchy woo woo stores. Also online.  Fresh flowers at any time of the year also encourage fresh energy and add a sense of happiness to any space.

There is also going to be a sun sign shift as well.  We will be leaving Pisces and entering the…

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