Week of March 13, 2017

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Libra Seeking Balance

We have another rather low key week which is good because the Full Moon in Virgo last weekend likely gave us plenty to think about. There are two significant events this week: Mercury leaving subtle Pisces for forthright Aries on Monday and the Pisces Sun squaring Saturn in Sagittarius on Friday.

Mercury in the fire signs tends to be very direct and not especially tactful. The only aspect Mercury in Aries makes this week is on Saturday when it will conjoin Venus in Aries. That ought to make for some interesting moments for those out partying this weekend. At least no one is going to be in doubt about whether or not someone is interested in them! The good thing about Aries directness is if you aren’t interested, it is OK to be direct in return. Most of the time, they’ll take it in stride and move on.

The Pisces…

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