Very rare event, Sun, Athena, Chiron conjunction

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There are two major conjunctions this week and a very powerful and ultra rare conjunction of URANUS and ERIS the dwarf planet of disruption on March 16 @ 22+ degrees  ARIES.    Thursday is the third and last Uranus-Eris meeting; Their conjunction has been in effect since last year. They have had two previous meetings and this is their third and last. They won’t be having a tryst again until 89 years from now on April 28, 2106! Before we get to that and I’ll look at the upcoming elections in Holland and how URANUS+ERIS is affecting the U.S. state of affairs now.

March 14  MARS in TAURUS trines the NORTH NODE in Virgo

esoteric earth trine Tara Greene witch

This is a nice positive EARTH Trine to put some new firey energy into your practical future, by making necessary steps in your work, your health, your budget, and discipline in general.

March 14 is a rare…

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