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Let’s start with some Wisdom Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele at…

We wish to speak of alignment.  The energy you align with, you manifest.  Alignment means becoming one with the energy of some person, idea, belief system etc., allowing it to be yours–temporarily or permanently.  Many of you may be finding that you are having more accidents, little mishaps, and irritating experiences.  This is because  planetary and personal energy has  become very intense, resulting in the  instantaneous manifestation of whatever you are in alignment with. 

“It is important from now on to align only with your highest truth.  When you remain aligned with three dimensional concepts and beliefs, no matter how irrelevant they may seem, it is what you will quickly manifest because there is no unexpressed consciousness.  Likewise, where there is alignment with truth (harmony, completeness, love etc.), forms that reflect this manifest.
Begin to…

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