March 12, 2017

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Eye of the High Priestess

We’re in Daylight Savings Time. If you haven’t already, set your clocks forward one hour.

Very cold and sunny, winter storm watch in effect correct Monday evening into Tuesday

Full moon void of course

Sunrise at 7:23 a.m. Sunset at 7:12 p.m. 11 hours 49 minutes 5 seconds of daylight

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Message for the Masses – Virgo Full Moon 2017

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Above the Line


The Two of Wands holds us steady in a crossroads between mind and heart. We find personal power between these two staffs as the priestess lives inside the cross, forming a reciprocal alliance. The wands cross and uncross, and sink into the earth as our power of deduction beckons the light. The ethereal realm is teeming with energy within and around us. The full moon affords us an extra push to invite our mind to usher us to the ground as we explore the heavenly realms.

This moon cycles gives us the chance to see the grime and beauty for what it is, and make assessment. We are surrounded by the cosmic consciousness in all elements as we move through seemingly undeserved shakes. Thinking brings more turmoil as we rush to make sense of it all. Our mind wants what our heart desires unless it doesn’t make sense. The high…

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Virgo Full Moon 

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Aiyanna Lynn - Inspired Life | Welcome to Avalon

Virgo full moon, exact at 7:54AM PDT Sunday, March 12: Sun in Pisces conjunct Pallas Athene (female version of Mars), Chiron (wounded healer), and Mercury (communication, travel, etc.) opposite Moon in Virgo. Moon connects harmoniously with Pluto (death and rebirth) in Capricorn, and in a challenging aspect with Saturn (cold, constricting) in Sagittarius.

I see the energy of this chart as a ripe opportunity to make something happen, a time to place the building blocks of a dream that began over the winter. The full moon is the peak of the lunar cycle, when energies are the highest. Light has been building since the new moon in Pisces in late February, and we have overcome some of the challenges placed in our path since then. I like Mars in Taurus, it’s very physical, very concrete, very “make it happen.” Brick by brick, if you build it, things will move.


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Full moon in Virgo

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Lucid Living Coach

Welcome to a little bit of sanity in the big deep waters of the winter.

This full moon is in Virgo earth ruled by the 6th house of routine, health, self improvement, habits and skills. This energy is very thought provoking, analytical and mythological.

It’s opposing the Sun, Neptune, Chiron, and the N.node in Pisces. This will cause a challenge between the conscious and unconscious mind. It grounds some of this eratic emotions however the emotions are still very intense. Allow yourself to feel the emotions. This is a great time to meditate and ask for guidance on who in your life needs forgiveness. Maybe write down the people that you still hold on to resentments and hurt, find it in your heart to forgive them. So the universe can provide you with the best it has to offer.

Venus, Jupiter and north node are all in retrograde and Saturn…

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Full Moon 12 March 2017 Stress Relief

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The Full Moon on Sunday March 12, 2017 is at 22 degrees Virgo. The Full Moon March 2017 astrology reveals an increase in recent tensions. Stressful relationships between partners and between nations will see a flurry of activity in a desperate search for answers. The March 2017 Full Moon problems can only be resolved by taking a deep look at the complex issues involved. Intense emotional encounters and psychological analysis can lead to positive transformations on the way to peace and harmony.

Full Moon Meaning

A Full Moon is the Sun opposite Moon which highlights opposing forces or polarities in your life. These can include your ego versus emotions, your work versus home, or what you need versus what you want. Inner tension and external pressures can lead to personal conflict and crises that drain your energy. The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a Full…

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The Full Moon brings to the surface our instinctual, emotional truth…like sea life drawn to the surface of the water by lunar light.

Look for the fruition of seeds planted 6 months ago on the VIRGO New Moon. What were you dreaming of, or planning for then? What is your harvest looking like now?
Refresh your memory, heres the last New Moon VIRGO Post..


This Full Moon has some tense aspects as well as a super helpful one.

In short, you’re going to have to do some work to make the most of what it offers.
If you havn’t sorted, tidied and cleaned your way out of any uncomfortable feelings this Moon has bought up, I advise you to do that. As well as reflect and just feel your feelings.
Full Moons are always opposite the Sun. This month the Sun is conjunct Chiron the wounded…

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Full Moon in Virgo March 12th, 2017 ~ Intense Transformation

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Forever Unlimited

Full Moon in Virgo March 12th, 2017 ~ Intense Transformation

The Full Moon in Virgo is on March 12th, 2017, at 11:53 am AST. This will be a very intense and emotional Full Moon.  This intensity and build up of tension is there for your benefit. Your Transformation. You may be feeling this impact starting a few days ago.

I have included the “Healing” Activation to help release the intensity, moving you to greater release. You can find the Full Moon Invocation on my YouTube Channel as well. 

The Full Moon is Sun Opposite Moon. This activates within you all opposing opposite forces of consciousness within you. Polarity. What you desire versus what you have. Your ego versus your higher Self. These extremes are what is up next to be transformed within you.

Most Full Moons are a culmination of what started with the New Moon. This Full Moon; and its culmination began…

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Practical self improvement, healing & our deepest wounds

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Astrology by Mathilde

Virgo Full Moon 12th March 2017

Alphonse Mucha
wiki commons

This Virgo full Moon may activate some profound healing, but we must do it through facing some uncomfortable truths.

Full Moon is at 22 degrees Virgo.


Virgo is a reflective, deep thinking sign. It focuses on self improvement and needs to be precise and clear. Also liking to be in control, directed on pragmatic outcomes, while keeping an eye on the process. It has high standards, and is known for it’s perfectionist tendencies.

With Pisces it’s a different operating system. It is a sensitive sign known for it’s compassion and idealism. Pisceans are the dreamers of the zodiac. Focusing on what nourishes our soul and being receptive.  The ability to surrender and let go, allow and trust life are primary qualities of this sign. Letting go is not seen as failure but as part of being in tune with…

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Full Moon in Virgo; March 12th, 2017❂♍

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On Sunday, March 12th, 2017 at 10:53 AM EDT, the luminaries peak in the sign of the Earth Goddess. This Virgo Full Moon takes in the mystical light of the Pisces Sun, bringing to culmination that which began during the previous Pisces New Moon.

“Before you can enjoy the energizing rays of the solar-lunar monthly apotheosis — the cosmos decide to toss you a curve ball in the form of a square between Mercury in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. The antidote to any rising stress is to think more about your higher destiny in this lifetime than on fulfilling lower-level desires. Give business and professional matters the brush-off until greater clarity returns. Send out your healing thoughts and prayers to humanity and kingdoms of nature around the moment of the Full Moon. Lift people up with cheer rather than pulling them down with criticism.”  -Mark Lerner

At this lunation…

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Full Moon, 12 March 2017 …we see just ourselves, but in different masks

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Skyview Astrology

**SkyView Astrology**

Full Moon, 12 March 2017

It’s like a mirror cabinet, we see just ourselves, but in different masks.

By Katharina Bless

This Full Moon is in Leo, with an opposition to the Sun already in Pisces. We once again have a constellation which is impossible in Western/Tropical astrology. I feel that this is very significant, especially since we are now challenged to rethink all the “old” ways of our life and work on life quality. In the last years it was a lot about quantity, more of every thing, growth, progress and expansion. Now we know that this was an “in-breath” and after the in-breath follows an out-breath. The breathing out means to let go of the air, it is the air which is depleted of oxygen, since part of it is now in our blood. We are nourished and let go. We gained an experience.

In the…

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