AlchemyAstrology: 10-12 March, 2017 – sidereal

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Alchemy Astrology

ACTIVE – Full Moon in Leo (12), laboratory process of Digestionemotionally dramatic

 Digestion is a kind of Putrefaction in which the nutrients or essences are reabsorbed. The slow modification of a substance by means of a gentle heat.

A good time to : feel exalted; hot and bright, a Grand Trine of these keywords: dramatic, dignified, dynamic.

Challenges: deep introversion; resisting introspection might be difficult despite all the light.

Balance: get things organized; your stuff, their stuff, physically shifting the location of possessions to a more practical position. (It should be easier to do right now – and expedient if you can avoid nostalgia. Just keep moving at a steady pace and you’re more likely to stay grounded, even in dramatic situations.)

Keywords to Contemplate:
Unconventional . . . . . . . Sun in Aquarius – persistent, concentrative
Dramatic (emotionally) . Full Moon in…

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