International Women’s Day strike,Lysistrata

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Moon trines Chiron in PISCES:

to highlight women’s spiritual wounds. They have been demolished totally by all patriarchal religions world-wide. Even the ancient Hindu religion which still reveres many Goddesses is very patriarchal.  Women need financial, physical, cultural, and spiritual equality and safety. 

The Goddess was all from the beginning before there was time. Only 5,000 years ago did the Patriarchal solar worshipping male god in the sky idea begin to demolished all traces of the triple Goddess. They replaced all of her myths with a male, they destroyed her sacred groves and temples, they built their own churches over Her sacred sites. They made women into chattel, barely able to contain a human soul. They raped and tortured women and the earth and continue to do so today. 

The resurgence of Harry POTTER magic, Game of Thrones dragons and all manner of mystical, magical, holistic, yoga, witches…

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