Aries Week: Let It All Hang Out

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So you can plan your month: a warning that the last few weeks of March will be wild, as five planets are Very Strong (ie, Stationary) in the last two weeks.  The first bolus includes…

  • Our Forbidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion) 25 March 8pm PST in 27 Sagittarius
  • Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) 26 March 3am PST in 1 Sagittarius

The first week of Aries, 21-25 March, will be a fantastic week for Owning and Embracing our Abandoned Genius, as both Ixion and Sappho are Stationary at the same time.  We can expect to have “ridiculous” Forbidden urges.  It would be good practice to Act them Out, if we can stay Safe and they don’t harm or invade anybody.  Ixion is still in the same Degree as Saturn, making our Lost Genius The Most Important Thing in our Life.  And astrology aside, Self-Love is always the most important thing in Life.

Abandoned-Genius Recovery (Saturn-Ixion) is still the Strongest…

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