9 Storm / CAUAC – Recreating our World: Day 9

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Jaguar Spirit


9 Storm/CAUAC

9 Storm/CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 9 calls for our Patience. We are asked to look more deeply into the Truth we’ve seen from a broader perspective to complete a new understanding.

The purpose of Flint’s Truth was to cut through the negative illusions of our Self that have stood in the way of our moving forward. Like a pruning, we may have felt some initial damage, though by leaving something behind our growth will be accelerated and we will bear a more abundant harvest.

Storm/CAUAC is perfectly positioned to follow Flint, bringing an energy associated with the comfort of Home. From a place of safety we can see the Forces of Nature in a display of Unbridled Energy. Storms are capable to make dramatic changes in our landscape, its wind capable to turn things around, and through its electrical charge of lightning, nourishes the Earth and…

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