Today’s Astro-Insights – Tues 7 Mar 2017

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Sun conjunct Mercury

Today the Sun and Mercury meet up in ephemeral Pisces after their separate encounters with Neptune last week. This is likely to add a dreamy, slightly unreal air to communications and personal interactions. So it is probably not the best day to write or deliver a technical report or attempt some complicated (or detailed) tasks that require a high degree of precision. Facts will be difficult to grasp/comprehend now; and details, hard to come by.

After yesterday’s extremely focused energy, this may create a fair amount of frustration. Progress won’t necessarily be quite so marked or swift, or indeed, clearly measurable. However, it won’t last for long. By Wednesday, Pluto will re-enter the picture and then things could start to happen in a fairly dramatic way. So, try not to be too impatient.

Instead, see today’s transits as an opportunity to exercise your right brain and/or creative faculties. Leaders should…

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